Who am I?

Hello, my name is Paul Bourdeau. Currently in game design master's degree at IIM in Paris, I am looking for an internship in game design starting january 2022. I love creating rich and fun worlds that captivate players and generate emotions. My main design skills revolve around system, combat and narrative design. Thanks to my C# knowledge, I can also prototype gameplay ideas in Unity (and would be willing to learn new engines).

During my schooling, I have worked on:
-10 game jams,
-2 vertical slices,
-1 Proof Of Concept

And I had previously an internship in game design and Unity development.

During my projects and courses, I created different types of documents:
- Game Overview (created in early 2021)
- Rational Game Design Document (created in early 2021)
- Game design Document (created in early 2020)
- Backlog with feature list (created for my current project)

Reference letter from my boss, Thomas Planques, during my previous video game internship at Ikigai studio
Reference letter from my boss, from my side-job (drive-through picker) which allows me to fund my tuition.
You can download my CV here :

My professional projects

Stranger Fields

My student projects

Antique Dream
Princesses with machine guns
Unreal Engine Project

My personal projects

The Hunted
One Step Further

My favorites

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